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High power caffinated dextroses drops with taurine

The new Energy Drop from Fucapo is based on pure DC dextroses from European corn. It is developed to power the body with both fast sugar energy for muscles, Taurine and Caffeine. 4 Drops gives you a boost of almost 100mg of caffeine equals the content of caffeine in a standard cup of coffee - but much more conveniet on the go. The Energy Drop is available in both Liquorice, Tropical and Sweet Mint versions with the unmistaken undertone of active sweet dextroses. The substantial amount of Caffeine in Energy drops supports top performance in situations where you have a demand for fast energy for the muschles, alertness and maximum endurance capacity. If you consume caffeine above a dosage of 3mg per kg. body weight the caffeine helps

• Improves physical endurance
• helps to increase alertness
• helps to improve concentration
• contributes to an increase in endurance capacityy

On top Fucapo Energy Drops
• are more convenient and easier to transport than eny caffeinated beverage
• supplies the fastest available sugar chain for increased muscle performance

The Energy Drops release technology is designed to release dextroses in the digestion system and only a smaller proportion of the caffeine content will be released to the blood through the mucous membrane in the mouth. The full effect of the dextroses, caffeine and taurine mix is absorbed in the body in 45-60 minutes after the intake of the product.