sugarfree performance tabs

1. Fucapo Energy Gum has a high content of caffeine and isomalt and you should follow the guidelines listed below in order to benefit the maximum from the product.

2. Accommodate to the strong energy taste of the product by using it regularly - notice that the duration of the taste is much longer than normal chewing gum.

3. Chew 2 tablets (one serving) at a time.
Note:To reach a significant physical effect you generally need to consume 3-4 mg caffeine per kg body weight.

4. Chew each serving 10-15 minutes to release all caffeine to the blood - The distinct energy taste becomes clear after 4-5 minutes.

5. Blue Energy transfers to the blood through the mouth instantly – start chewing when you need your energy boost.

6. Caffeine loses the effect if used constantly – you should only utilize Blue Energy and other caffeine products in moments with a need for extra energy – In off peak periods you should allow your body to resituate.

7.In cases with caffeine tolerance the dosage needed to reach the desired energy effect will gradually increase – do not overdose in order to reach the desired effect – the recommended maximum daily dosage is 300 mg caffeine per day.

8.Total caffeine tolerance is increased when using 300 mg three times a day in seven days.

9.If you have developed caffeine tolerance you should reduce your consumption gradually over several days in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms (headaches, drowsiness etc).