sugarfree performance tabs

When chewing fucapo Energy Gum Blue you will get a high content of caffeine in a convenient way (50 mg per piece). The caffeine content of the chewing gum will be release during 15 - 20 minutes chewing. The highest dose will be release in the beginning. The caffeine content will be absorbed into the bloodstream directly through the mouth and blocks adenosine receptors in the brain and other organs. Caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors by attaching the caffeine molecule to the receptor and thus prevents the brain from feeling tired and gives you the ability to stay focused and awake. Caffeine thus does not provide energy in it self but postpones the need to relax or sleep to a time where it suits you life better.

The main source of sugar energy is provided by polyols (isomalt) that has only a small impact on blood sugar levels and does not promote tooth decay, i.e. is toothfriendly. Its energy value is 2 kcal/g, half that of sugars.