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sugarfree performance tabs

Blue Energy is a sugar free Caffeine powered energy tablet with a chewing gum base. The taste is a long lasting mint with the unmistaken undertone of active power ingredients which develop along with the release of power to the body. The substantial amount of Caffeine in Blue Energy (100mg per serving 300mg per daily amount) supports top performance in situations where you need to keep your head clear and your performance up.

• Uses patented release technology from the pharma industry
• Caffeine helps improve physical endurance
• Caffeine helps to increase alertness
• Caffeine helps to improve concentration
• Caffeine helps contribute to an increase in endurance capacityy

The Blue Energy release technology is designed to release the caffeine content where the uptake into the blood is most efficient - the mucous membrane in the mouth. Within 15-20 minutes, 95% of the caffeine is released from the gum and absorbed by the body.