The effect of energy drinks in driving simulation  

German researcher have reached the surpricing conclusion that the consumption of energy drinks during long driving sessions has a negative impact on the drivers ability to reach the destrination without accidents.

Researchers in the German university in W├╝rzburg tested the effect of energy drinks on 12 drivers during late night shifts in a driving simulator - the astonishing result - the positive effect of caffeine was eliminated by the high content of dextroses - and as a result the total effect on reaction time and sleepiness was negative.

Compared to our products the content of dextroses in the standard energy drink is very high. The sugar energy sources used in for instance Blue energy is aimed at supporting the positive effect of caffeine rather than distorting blood sugar levels and deminishing the effect of the product. Thats why dextroses is not a part of our standard products.

Find more information on the subject in German here